Announcing the Hermosawave 2014 South Bay Calendar

Hermosawave 2013 South Bay Calendar
It’s August again and time for the 2013 Hermosawave South Bay Calendar!

I think this is the seventh year I’ve done a calendar – can’t remember exactly – but it’s another extravaganza of South Bay sights and sunsets, taken from my Picture of the Day website. I’ve asked people if I should keep the calendar focused on the South Bay and everyone always says YES!, so this year it covers the beach from Manhattan to Torrance.

There are a few photos of The Mermaid block. The Thelan family finally sold it, so the clock is ticking on when an era of Hermosa Beach history will come to an end and a new one will begin! (At the moment of this writing The Mermaid has yet to reopen under its new owners.) In the meantime this is a good moment to savor the present past and contemplate what a new future will bring.

So, the calendar is at the printer while I write this, and I will have them available for sale in my booth at Fiesta Hermosa, September 1~3! (My booth is in the same place it always has been – at the center of Pier Plaza, in front of Café Bonaparte and the new Palmilla restaurant.) Stop in and pick one up, and take a look at all the prints I have been busy making over the past month.

If you won’t be at the Fiesta, you can reserve your copy here on the website, with free shipping on September 1st. People have been ordering them online for years and every year they seem to order one more than they did the year before. A repeat buyer in Australia just placed the first order within 2 minutes of my Facebook announcement.

Things sure move quickly these days, so don’t miss out on your own 2013 Hermosawave South Bay Calendar!


Introducing Hermosawave Properties

Hermosawave is proud to announce a brand new package of services for real estate professionals:

RealEstate Brochure

Hermosawave Properties combines our skills in photography, web development/hosting and graphic design, to offer a turnkey package for real estate listings, including:

  • Custom architecture photography
  • Personalized Website
  • Personalized Listing Brochure (pdf format, ready for printing)
  • Domain name registration
  • Website Hosting
  • Photos sized for MLS listing
  • High resolution photos for print advertising
  • 24-hour standard turnaround, rush service also available
  • Exceptional quality, all for one low price

Please visit our Hermosawave Properties site for more information.

Brokers: special discount if you mention this blog post.

New Site Refresh for Cheryl Ogden Photography

Cheryl Ogden Photography

Some of the new capabilities of html 5 and css were put to good use in my latest web design, an update for Hermosa portrait photographer Cheryl Ogden. Visit the site using the Safari or Chrome browsers and you’ll see some little goodies on the home page. Check it out!

One of the issues when incorporating some of the vastly expanded capabilities of new web browsers is providing a good experience when visitors are not using the latest and greatest browser. So one must be a little cautious so that all visitors can enjoy the site — not all visitors will get the same experience, but all will get a good one. That is my goal and my mantra :-)

These days I also design for mobile, my iPhone and iPad are never far away when I’m working. And this year promises an explosion of new Android devices as well as Blackberry’s new Playbook tablet. The good thing about all these new devices? They all use Webkit, the open-source browser technology championed by Apple and Google, so they all offer more or less the same user experience.

Of course there are limits to this egalitarianism. Visitors using Internet Explorer 6, that shipped in 2003 with Windows XP? You people are not going to get the sweetest experience. Of course I test in IE6, as well as IE7, IE8 and the new beta IE9 (see how far behind these people are?) to make sure the site doesn’t break, but some details that I’m sweating to look great in new browsers… well I’m not sweating for IE6 anymore, sorry. If you haven’t upgraded in seven eight years even though Microsoft is buying advertising to get you to upgrade, well you get what you and your corporate IT department deserve. The good news is that less than 1% of my site visitors are using IE6. Your mileage may vary, but I don’t think I need to be concerned about them anymore.

I’ll get off my soapbox now, so you can enjoy the site!

New Website Redesign: Hermosawave Photography

Hermosawave Photography Screenshot

Finally had some free time to redesign MY OWN website, that of Hermosawave Photography. I had a couple of goals for the redesign:

  • Increase the size and quality of the photos.
  • Use CSS and html5 as much as possible and bring the design up to 2010 design standards — completely different than the way we would design websites even 5 years ago.
  • Create a Best Sellers gallery to make it easier for casual visitors to find my best photos, without looking through the more than 1700 photos now on the site.
  • Eliminate multiple versions of each photo (I was exporting 4 different sizes!), with only ONE version that was resized as necessary on the fly by the server. This also makes it possible to upload directly from Adobe Lightroom without going into Photoshop just to make the different versions. (This doesn’t mean that photos won’t ever go into Photoshop, but now only for complex edits such as HDR)
  • Create special galleries dedicated to other types of photography I shoot.
  • Designing the website so it looks and works great on the Apple iPad. This has to do with sizes and layout, and where I used Flash, making sure there was a non-flash alternative that worked well. (I do feel that Flash plays smoother and creates a richer experience than the html/JavaScript alternatives, so I am not one to shy away from Flash where it makes sense. That said, the days of the all-flash website are over.)
  • Maintain compatibility with links to specific photos on the old site.

One thing not yet implemented, is a way for people to download photos to use as their computer desktop. I will get this going soon, as well as a few other loose ends I haven’t completely tied up

Anyway, check out the new site and let me know what you think!

New Site: Photographer Suzanne Hanover


I just completed a website for Hollywood movie photographer Suzanne Hanover. Suzie has had a long career shooting photographs on movie sets. These photographs generally get used for publicity and advertising, so you’ve probably seen her work in newspapers and magazines as well as on billboards around town and around the country.

Suzie is a happy, free spirit, and she appreciated that I made the process of creating her website a fun experience. She wanted an organic, hand-written feel, and I think we achieved that.

A photographer’s website ultimately ends up in a photo gallery, and I used SlideShowPro Director as the image content management system. This enables Suzie to easily change the images in her photo galleries without getting me involved. She wanted to have the feeling that these images were in a book, so I was able to integrate her photo gallery with a minimalistic book illustration. It works in Flash as well as without Flash on mobile devices.

Check out her site, it’s a fun look at the movies, both in front and behind the scenes.

This Weekend: Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair


This weekend I’ll be showing my photography at Manhattan’s Hometown Fair, 10am-5pm October 2nd and 3rd.

I’ll have lots of prints of both Manhattan and Hermosa Beach, along with copies of my new 15-month 2011 South Bay Calendar.

Mention this post and get a free limited edition postcard!

And leave your guns at home.
The legality of carrying a gun in public has nothing to do with it. You insult everyone in our community by your perceived need to protect yourself from us.

Announcing the Hermosawave 2011 South Bay Calendar


The new Hermosawave 2011 South Bay Calendar is at the printer and will be available at the end of the month!

Featuring 15 months of South Bay scenery (October 2010 – December 2011), this year’s calendar includes images of Hermosa, Manhattan and Palos Verdes.

A commercially printed color wall calendar measuring 11″ x 17″, the Hermosawave 2011 South Bay Calendar is perfect for all current and former South Bay residents.

The price is $15. Pre-order for September 1 delivery and get free shipping!

Coming this week: AVP Hermosa Beach Open


A look at the webcam will reveal a big construction project on the sand this week. It’s setup for the AVP Hermosa Beach Open, running July 16-18.

So what will it be this year? Will the Trojan girls Kessy and Ross finally win in Hermosa? WIll Olympic Gold Medallist Misty May-Trainer get back on top? Will Dalhausser and Rogers five-peat? (umm, no baby break for them, I guess.) And most importantly, will it be sunny?

Many of you suffering from the dearth of Lakers, World Cup, Football, Hockey and even Baseball (All-Star break) on the airwaves might remember to tune in on Sunday for the Women’s Final (4:30pm on KTLA) or the Men’s Final (Midnight on ESPN2 – wait, Midnight?) or better yet for the live streams online on, with Kerri Walsh in the broadcast booth.

But of course, the best seats in the house are here at the beach, so get on your bike and get down here, for some pro entertainment at prices that will barely buy you a beer at Staples Center. Order online here.

As has been the case since 1997, Hermosawave will have the latest photos on our website. At the top of this story is a shot of April Ross and Elaine Youngs jousting on center court last year in Hermosa. More photos here…

Update: The Mens final is on at 9PM Pacific Time on ESPN2, Midnight on the east coast.

New website:

Hollywood unit photographer Melinda Sue Gordon takes still photos on movie sets that are used for motion picture publicity.

This is a more difficult task than it might seem on first glance for several reasons: the photographer cannot make any noise while the movie cameras are rolling, the pervasiveness of special effects means that the scene on set is not really representative of the final image, and the various technical and political issues that take place when you have a large group of people working together for a result that the photographer is often in the way of. However, Melinda Sue Gordon’s photos – many of which you have seen – are quite dramatic, both on the scene and behind it. Her more personal work shows this same dramatic quality.

Ms. Gordon came to me with three requirements for her site: one, the photos need to be easily updated from remote locations without too many technical hurdles; two, there needed to be a way for some of the photos to be protected from public access, with a system to grant access to individuals that she could control; and three, that the site needed to look good both on a computer as well as on Apple’s new iPad.

I am a big fan of SlideShowPro, a slideshow component which I use on several of my websites, and their Director photo management application seemed perfect for high quality display of photographs as well as a simple way to manage her content. However, SlideShowPro is built on Adobe Flash, which runs well on Mac and Windows computers but is not supported on the iPad and iPhone.

Because it was so perfect otherwise, I decided to take the plunge and use SlideShowPro Director and build an alternate system for iPad/iPhone that would leverage the Director backend to display these photos without using Flash. The result is a satisfying presentation on both computers and mobile devices.

If you enjoy good photography, especially of culturally significant subjects, you’ll enjoy a look at her site,